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Mario Del Monaco sings Di Quella Pira

First day of lectures for my second year of uni. Fingers crossed, hopefully the start of an amazing year! :D

What I want to do when people smoke near me.


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Il Barbiere di Siviglia in a wheelchair after a she broke her leg during rehearsal. What a trooper! Brava Joyce!




its like
one smile was not enough for the sky
it was really fucking happy
it had to have two

i have to have this on my blog

this has to be the best photo on tumblr by far
this is beautiful
thats so gorgeous.

RCT 1 and 2 were like so amazing!

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Wtf happened to Mara Wilson?


caption this

"Need a hand?" :P
ah ich habe deinen mund geküsst!

gravebound asked: Congrats, you're my 50th follower <3 thank you so much for following me, and I hope I turn out to be worth following.

I’m sure you’re very much worth following :) . Kind of freaky that I’m your fiftieth though